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What is a Timeshare? Everything You Need to Know and Top Tips From Bryan Nazor

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Timeshare 101 With Advice From Title and Real Estate Closing Expert Bryan Nazor

A timeshare may be something you’re vaguely familiar with, if relatives and friends have purchased one and are sometimes able to stay in Florida because of it. But what exactly is a timeshare, how do they work and do you even want one? Title and real estate closing expert Bryan Nazor has the scoop.

A time share, put simply, is a form of joint ownership of property where many owners share title and enjoy use or occupation of the property according to a fixed time period or schedule.

There are two types of timeshare contracts: shared deeded contracts and shared leased contracts. The former divides the ownership of the property between everyone in the contract. With a shared deeded contract, everyone involved divides up the amount of time they can spend on the property evenly, according to Bryan Nazor.

When it comes to a shared leased contract, people lease the use of the property, not the property itself, so a deed is not given. These have a set amount of time before the lease expires, whereas a shared deeded contract is yours alone to sell or give to others.

Divvying up the timeshare property between owners or leasers can be done in several ways, Bryan Nazor said. One option is to go to the property the same week of the year, every year. Another is a “floating week option” which allows you to choose a different period of time (within limits) each year. Some timeshares have a points system, and you can use your points to stay at other resorts in the same timeshare system, not just yours.

“It really depends on what you’re looking for— no one of these options is inherently better than another,” said Bryan Nazor. “Think about your lifestyle, family and preferences and find the best timeshare opportunity for you.”

Bryan Nazor serves as president and chief operating officer of Main Street Title and Settlement Services. He joined the firm in 2002. He also has extensive expertise in corporate financing and investing. He manages the day-to-day operation of the title and finance divisions of Main Street Title and Settlement Services and is involved in their residential and commercial closings.

“Main Street Title and Settlement Services is available to answer questions about timeshares and other title or settlement matters,” said Bryan Nazor. “We can help you with your timeshare decision and it’s always wise to seek professional advice before making a big investment decision.”

Bryan Nazor How to Prepare Your Home for Spring

How to Prepare Your Home for Spring with Bryan Nazor

Bryan Nazor Shares His Tips on Spring Home Maintenance Above and Beyond Spring Cleaning

Bryan NazorAs a homeowner, spring is a time that is full of maintenance that needs to be done on the home. This goes above and beyond getting rid of ill-fitting clothes and dusting, but the nitty-gritty work of maintaining a home after a long winter is vital, according to Bryan Nazor, a title and real estate closing expert.

“With every change in season, there is work to be done on a home to keep it properly maintained,” said Bryan Nazor. “The time of year the most work must be done is in the spring, when the house may have taken a beating from winter and is about to enter the summer months.”

Bryan Nazor shared his top five ways to ensure your home is maintained this spring.


  1. Check the Foundation

“After the winter comes to a close, it’s crucial to inspect your house’s foundation to make sure it’s in good shape,” Bryan Nazor said. “This ensures you catch problems early before they turn into a larger issue.” Foundation walls, floors, concrete, and masonry should all be inspected for cracking or deterioration. If bricks are losing mortar or cracks in the concrete floor is significant, it’s time to call a foundation professional to assess the problem and determine what fixes can be made.


  1. Inspect Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts tend to accumulate debris, leaves, and dirt throughout the winter. Spring is the time to clean everything out and reattach gutters that have pulled away from the house during the winter. “It’s a good idea to check your gutters and downspouts to make sure they are draining properly and seal up any leaks you find,” said Bryan Nazor.


  1. Repair Screens of Doors and Windows

“One of the most common fixes that need to be made in the spring is fixing up the screens of windows and doors,” said Bryan Nazor. The screens should be cleaned and inspected for holes so bugs can’t climb in, and patched or replaced if large holes are found. Hardware that is broken or worn should be replaced and door hinges should be tightened and lubricated.


  1. Landscape

“Landscaping is more than about just looking good to your neighbors,” said Bryan Nazor. “Trim and clean up your yard and plants to make sure the yard is safe and nothing can damage the house.” Avoid trees disrupting a home’s paint or siding and trim things down to keep them neat and tidy.


  1. Check Window Sills, Door Sills and Thresholds

Repair and replace cracks if necessary, advised Bryan Nazor.

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Services to Look for in Your Title Insurance and Settlement Service Company With Tips From Bryan Nazor

Don’t Choose a Title Insurance and Settlement Company Without These Suggestions From Bryan Nazor

When finding a company that will provide you with a wide range of title insurance and settlement services for your residential or commercial transactions, it is crucial to choose a place that feels like home. You want to feel you can have all your needs met, questions answered (without making you feel dumb) in a place you can trust. Bryan Nazor, President of Main Street Title, said attorneys, home owners, home buyers, lenders, investors, mortgage brokers, builders and developers and realtors should look for a company that provides the following services.

All title insurance services

“All of us at Main Street Title and Settlement Services provide the best of the best insurance services to our clients,” said Bryan Nazor. “Our clients know they can count on us to service their transaction with the utmost professionalism, accuracy and fast turnaround time.” Your title insurance company should provide title insurance protection and settlement services to facilitate purchases, construction, loans or refinancing.

Closing, escrow and recording services

Find a company that is knowledgeable and experienced with closing, escrow and recording and can make these processes smooth and comfortable. “You should feel confident asking any questions of the people who are doing your title and settlement services,” said Bryan Nazor. “It’s vital that we explain everything to our clients and keep them informed and up-to-date so they feel intimately involved with the process.”

Paralegal services for attorneys

For attorneys, paralegal services are sometimes part of the package provided by a title and investment services company. This provides a great deal of ease and comfort, knowing that all aspects of a sometimes-challenging process are covered. Bryan Nazor has experience in corporate law, corporate financing and investing, which he said helps him holistically manage the day-to-day operations of the title and finance divisions of Main Street Title.

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Five Tips to Pet-Proof Your New Home, From Title and Real Estate Closing Expert Bryan Nazor

Make Moving Stress-Free For You and Your Furry Companion With These Recommendations from Bryan Nazor

So you’re moving into a new home with your furry friend— congratulations! This can be an exciting time for people and pets alike, but it can also be a time of transition that can cause stress and uncertainty. Make the move as easy and calm as possible by following these tips to pet-proof your home and get everyone acclimated quickly.

Look out for dangers around the home
In a new place, you may not notice the possible hazards to pets that present themselves, said Bryan Nazor, president of Main Street Title & Settlement Services. Poisonous items (certain plants, household cleaners, medications), dangling wires, sharp objects and holes or nooks in the home may be temptations for your pet as they explore their new surroundings. Evaluate where you store things and nooks and crannies in the house from your pet’s perspective to make sure everything is safe before moving the pet in.

Keep your home looking new for as long as possible
You’re in a new place and you’d like it to say clean and scratch-free for at least a few days! Make sure your pet’s nails are trimmed, put chewing deterrents on furniture or door frames and covers on your new couch. “Establish early on with your pet the areas they are allowed to enter and jump up on and the spaces in the house that are off-limits, so they know right away what the rules of the new house are,” said Bryan Nazor.

Trash talk
Keep all your trash cans out of sight and reach for pets, or get pet-safe trash cans or child locks to close them. Dogs, especially, have a tendency to be interested in yummy-smelling items in the trash can or to knock over a full trash can. Make sure to save yourself a sick pup or messy kitchen by finding a trash can solution that works for your home and your pet.

Prepare the backyard
If your new home has a yard where your pet can frolic, consider installing a fence around the perimeter or an invisible fence. Avoid using pesticides in the garden or plants that could be dangerous for a curious pet, suggested Bryan Nazor. Another important consideration is the swimming pool, if you have one. Make sure it is securely covered and safe for when your pet is unattended near it.

Have patience
“Even if your pet has been part of your family for a long time, moving into a new place can cause them to have more accidents than usual,” said Bryan Nazor. The new surroundings may confuse your pet as they learn where to ask to go outside or where the litter box is kept. If your pet is comfortable in their crate, encourage them to spend some time there as they get adjusted. Before you know it, your pet will be settled in to their new home and enjoying all it has to offer, just like you do!