Bryan Nazor
Bryan Nazor

Former Professional Soccer Player Bryan Nazor Discusses the History of the Platense Football Club

Former Platense team member Bryan Nazor discusses the history of Honduras’ Platense Football Club.

The Platense Football Club is one of the most iconic soccer teams in the country of Honduras and all of Central America. Founded in 1960, the Platense Sport Club, as it was called then, quickly became the Honduran National Football League’s first champions in 1965. Former Platense team player Bryan Nazor recently discussed the unique history of the soccer club.

“Honduras is a soccer hotspot,” Bryan Nazor said. “Some of the world’s best talent comes from Honduras, and I think it’s important to shed some spotlight on the teams and players there.”

Bryan Nazor graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University and went on to play professional soccer in several countries. His professional soccer career began in Honduras playing for Platense. Bryan Nazor later went on to play for Hajduk Split and Solin in Croatia, and the Argentina Juniors in Argentina. He recalls his time playing for Platense fondly.

Bryan Nazor explained that the Platense team in Honduras was modeled after Platense of Argentina. The founders wanted to emulate an iconic and successful international club. The team took off with success, receiving support from the Tela Railroad Company. While many other Central American players received little to no salary, the Tela Railroad Company provided salaries and jobs for club players. Bryan Nazor stated that this solid financial start is part of what has helped Platense succeed for so long.

“This was a blessed soccer club from the start,” Bryan Nazor said. “And that showed through the spirits of its players, management, and everyone involved. It was great to be a part of it.”

The Platense Sports Club was one of the 10 original teams of the Honduran National Soccer League when it was founded in 1964. The following year was when Platense became the league’s first champions in a close battle over Olimpia. Olimpia would remain the team’s major rival for decades.

“Platense and Olimpia have always been popular teams in the league,” Bryan Nazor said. “A rivalry that began in the league’s first year continued all the way into the next century.”

Bryan Nazor explained that Olimpia has long reigned as the league’s most successful team, and despite several runner-up finishes, it took decades for Platense to secure another championship. In 2001, an over-time match with Olimpia resulted in Platense claiming the league title. It was a “Golden Goal” match, with the champion being the first team to score a goal in over time. Rony Morales of Platense became the team hero when he scored the match-winning goal. 

Platense has reached two semi-final league championship matches since that major 2001 win. Bryan Nazor added that team remains in the league today, and home games can be enjoyed at Estadio Excelsior in Puerto Cortes, Honduras. 

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