Bryan Nazor

Bryan Nazor, Former Professional Soccer Player, Loved His Journey From Soccer to Practicing Law

Bryan Nazor, President of Main Street Title & Settlement Services New Jersey division, didn’t always know that his life path would lead him into this industry. In fact, one of Bryan Nazors earlier careers was very unlike his current one, and also is a passion he still carries with him and helps with.

In his earlier life, Bryan Nazor attended and graduated from Farleigh Dickinson University, receiving his Bachelors degree. But before Bryan Nazor went on to receive a Law degree with distinction from New York University Law School, he had some other plans to complete. After graduating and receiving his Bachelors degree, Bryan Nazor went on to play professional soccer.

Bryan Nazor started his professional soccer career playing in Platense in Honduras. He then continued on to Europe and ended up playing for Hajduk Split and Solin in Croatia, and eventually played in Argentina for Argentina Juniors. After playing in three separate countries for years, Bryan Nazor returned to the United States to get his law degree, which he then successfully completed and received in New York.

Bryan Nazor knew that he wanted to work in law after his years of playing professional soccer were over. It was in 2002 that Bryan Nazor was recruited from one of New Jersey’s leading corporate law firms to join the management team of Main Street Title & Settlement Services, LLC in the position of Senior Corporate Counsel. He has been with the company since, coming up soon on his twenty-year anniversary.

Bryan Nazor has been in the Board of Directors with the company since 2003 and has held the title of President and Chief Promoting Officer ever since he was promoted. In his position, Bryan Nazor is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the title and finance divisions of Main Street Title. He reviews and approves all commitments before issuance, interacts with clients and underwrites and manages all of the company’s day-to-day finances. He is continuously recognized by his peers for his knowledge, efficiency, and insight into successful corporate management and investing.

Though Bryan Nazor started his career path after college playing professional soccer, he has so much passion for the work he does with Main Street Title & Settlement Service, LLC — but he also is able to find time for his passion he still has for soccer, too.

Bryan Nazor is now a youth soccer coach for the National Youth Soccer Program, which is associated with U.S. Soccer Club and USSDA Soccer. He’s been able to take his two passions and live a life enjoying both, all while helping people both on the field, and off.



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