Bryan Nazor
Bryan Nazor

Bryan Nazor offers expert insight into real estate title insurance

President of Main Street Title, Bryan Nazor, provides an expert look at the often confusing topic of title insurance in real estate.


From closing, escrow, and recording services to paralegal support for attorneys, it’s vital, when selecting a firm to provide real estate title insurance, that businesses and individuals alike choose a company that’s right for them. That’s according to Bryan Nazor, president of title insurance and settlement services business Main Street Title, based in Hackensack, New Jersey.

“Whether a residential or commercial transaction, it’s vital to choose a title insurance and settlement services company that feels like home,” suggests Bryan Nazor, president of Main Street Title’s New Jersey division, speaking from his home in Chestnut Ridge, New York. It’s about choosing a place you can trust, he says. “From having your questions answered to seeing your needs met, from homeowners, home buyers, and investors to mortgage brokers, lenders, builders, developers, and realtors, trust is crucial across the board,” adds Nazor.

At Main Street Title, Bryan Nazor and the team are proud, he says, to offer only the finest and very best insurance services to clients. “From home buyers to builders, developers, and realtors, our clients know, without a doubt, that they can count on us, no question about it, to oversee their transaction or transactions with complete accuracy and professionalism,” suggests Nazor.

Further promising a quick turnaround time, Bryan Nazor also stresses that any title insurance company should, as is the case at Main Street Title, provide clients with the option of title insurance protection and settlement services to best facilitate the purchase, sale, construction, or refinancing of any residential or commercial real estate. “Comprehensive closing, escrow, and recording services should also be offered,” he adds.

A smooth closing, escrow, and recording process, Bryan Nazor believes, ensures that the real estate title insurance process remains as straightforward—and comfortable—for clients as possible. “Clients should feel both confident and comfortable in asking any questions which they may have,” says Nazor, “of whoever is handling their title and settlement services.”


“It’s vital,” Bryan Nazor goes on, “that everything is explained, and that clients are kept informed and up-to-date at every step.”

This, Bryan Nazor is keen to point out, is absolutely the case at Main Street Title. Nazor is highly experienced in corporate financing, corporate law, and investing – all of which are essential, he says, to the smooth day-to-day running of operations within Main Street Title’s finance and title departments.

Elsewhere, paralegal services for attorneys are also on offer at Main Street Title, and form part of the wider package offered by the title and investment services company, promoting comfort in the knowledge that all aspects of what can often be a challenging process are fully taken care of. “We make sure that each and every client is kept informed and up-to-date at every turn in the road,” adds Bryan Nazor, wrapping up, “ensuring that they feel personally involved in every aspect of the process.”

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